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Reflection of Some Concepts Related to Sky and Sun into Kipchak Dictionaries in Ancient Cultures
Humans have observed nature elements and events from an early age. They have benefited from the regular movements of the celestial bodies, especially as a sign of the time, and made their lives easier. Celestial elements have also been blessed in almost every society and religion in historical periods. This situation is also reflected in the vocabulary. Sky and sun have had special places in human life since ancient times with their scientific benefits to humanity and being sacred. Although its holiness varies according to time, place and religions, sky, sun, and related words have taken their place in Turkish. In the article, in the three areas of historical Kipchak Turkish (Codex Cumanicus, Mamluk Turkish, and Armenian letter Kipchak Turkish) the vocabulary related to the sky and sun will be discussed. These words will be evaluated in terms of cosmological, religious, literary, mystical, cultural, and linguistic aspects.

Turkish Language, Historical Kipchak Turkish, sky, sun, cult, vocabulary.

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