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An Overview of Abu Dawud's Expressions Regarding the Concept of Abondoned Hadith in His Work Named Risala Abi Dawud ila Ahl Makka fi Wasfi Sunanih and their Counterparts in His Sunan
Abu Dawud Sulayman b. al-Ash‘as b. Ishaq al-Sijistani al-Azdi (d. 275/889) is the owner of the work called “Sunan” which is regarded as one of the Kutub al-Sitta. He learned hadith lessons from the teachers who are known as teachers of Bukhari and Muslim. It has been said that Abu Dawud whose opinion of hadith is quite strong was a skillful narrator in knowing both the hidden flaws in narratives and narrators’ jarh and tadil situations. He is also a narrator who has distinguished himself in the science of fiqh as well as hadith knowledge. Abu Dawud, who wrote a lot of works in the field of hadith, made an unusual work in his age. This study can compare his work with other works and he wrote up the work named Risala Abi Dawud ila Ahl Makka fi Wasfi Sunanih. Abu Dawud stated that he had not had hadith from any narrator who had abandoned hadith in the work in question. In this article, our final aim is to find out in his work named Sünen whether Abu Dâvûd narrated the hadith from the narrators who had abandoned hadith.

Abû Dâvûd, hadith, matruk al-hadith, narrator, Sunan.

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