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Evaluation of the Registration of Mushaf Registered with the 5784 Inventory Number in the Konya Regional Manuscripts Library
Traditional Turkish Decoration Arts have survived to our day by developing throughout our history. Undoubtedly, one of the most important of these arts is the art of illumination. In addition to the application of illumination art in many ways in its nature, it has also added aesthetics and elegance to the beauty and order of writing. She filled in pages by addressing the reader's pleasures. The subject of this study is “The illuminated pages and skin covers of the Holy Qur'an numbered ’5784’ in the Konya Regional Literary Works Library”. From the colophon page of the work, we find out that it was written by Ahmed İbn Bahti Hoca in the 16th century, during the reign of Sultan Bâyezid. Although some parts of the constructed pages have been damaged, most of them remain in their original condition. The gilded parts of the wall, which have reached the present day without any deterioration, have been examined in terms of patterns, motifs, colors, writing ink, harmony in the designs and the technique used. Information about the decoration of the period was given and the work has been evaluated with visual materials.

Decorations, Holy Qur'an, illumination, desing, binding, adornment.

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